Hello !

Updated as of 08/14/2022
Before you commission me, here is some stuff you need to know :

  • I take full payment upfront, you must be ready to pay as I won't start working on your commission till I receive the full payment.

  • Payment must be done via PayPal USD Only. This can either be done via PayPal me or invoice.

  • Your commission will be done approximately 1 to 3 weeks. I won't give you an exact day, and I will let you know if something happens that may delay your commission.

  • Your commission will be worked on as soon as I finish the previous one. Who pays first, gets served first.

  • Please try to be a descriptive as you can with what you want. You can leave some of the creative decisions to me, but I still like solid basics to work on.

  • I'm not a native English speaker so please excuse me if I get something wrong :<

  • I will be updating you often on your commission. From the sketch to inking to the coloring process, I want to be on the same page as my client.

  • Additional fees may be charged if you ask for edits/alts while your commission is being worked on. This refers to you asking for additional accessories that were not discussed before. You won't be charged additional fees if I got something wrong about the design/character based on the references that you sent me.

  • Please do not rush me. I don't work well under pressure.*

  • *That being said, if I haven't update you in a couple of days you're more than free to message me asking for an update !

  • My work should NOT be used for crypto/NFT's of any kind. I will not work for cryptobros.

  • I'm not a professional by all means, there are limitations to what I can do. Your commission may be simplify and/or some things may change.

  • I may randomly improve my skills while working on your commission so just keep that in mind if you see changes in art style.

Prices !

This are my current prices as of now, I may charge more or less depending on your commission. Prices may change in the future.

  • Half body sketch: $15 + 5 for extra character.

  • Full body sketch: $20 + 8 for extra character.

  • Half body lineart: $25 + 8 for extra character.

  • Full body lineart: $30 + 10 for extra character.

  • Full body flatcolor: $45 + 15 for extra character.

  • Full body Chibies: $35 + 15 for extra character.

  • Shading $5 to $15 depending on your commission.

  • Additional fees may be added depending on your commission.

  • Simple alts like a transparent bg or using an imagine as bg won't be charged for an additional fee.

Will Draw:

  • SFW + NSFW.

  • Nudity.

  • Four legged animals (working on it).

  • Blood + slight gore.

Will NOT Draw:

  • Complicated bgs/bg in general.

  • Mecha (simple robot designs are ok).

  • R*pe/Noncon/Dubious consent.

  • Political/pro-gun/pro-Trump.

  • Racist/discriminatory towards minorities.

  • Nazi/Nazifur.

  • Pro or Anti religion propaganda (I love drawing angels tho).

  • N*cro.

  • Drugs (alcohol is ok).

  • Scat/watersports.

  • Odor/smell related fetishes.

  • Foot fetish (Mostly because I can't draw feet).

  • Anything else I may be uncomfortable with. I have the right to reject your commission offer for any reason.

Contact !

You can contact me by messaging :